Explore, connect, and discover Fireside’s sense of community.

To anchor Calbridge Development’s focus on bringing neighbours together, the community’s master plan includes numerous amenities that invite residents to explore and connect while enhancing the community’s value and enlarging its sense of place.


57 Acres of Parks and Pathways

A carefully planned system of pathways links Fireside’s residential clusters to each other, to the community’s many amenities, and to a broader regional network of established trails. At completion Fireside will be home to 57 acres of parks and pathways.

Flagstone Park and Playground

Located at the traffic circle near the Fireside entrance, Flagstone Park includes a children’s playground with all the traditional favourites – swings, slides, jungle gyms and the like – as well as picnic areas and benches for parents to sit and chat while the kids play.

Outdoor Activities

Home to soccer fields, a baseball diamond and Flagstone Park, there’s no shortage of outdoor activities. Every year the community grows to add more outdoor areas for the residents of Fireside to enjoy. 2020 saw the opening of a resident-led community garden, and in late 2021 the community welcomed a new NHL-sized outdoor rink for all of Cochrane to enjoy.